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The First God

In the following story any resemblance to persons living, dead, or otherwise is purely coincidental.

The First God

God will be born soon. Of course, he isn’t the first.

The first will be born much later and very far away from this local earth. When he is born the universe will be nearly dead.

On his world, the sky will have no stars and no moon. His galaxy will have grown cold as stars die out. When his star is formed, or was formed depending on your frame of reference, it was one of the last in his galaxy. His planet formed in a favorable position around its star and had the right atmosphere and elements to support life. A few million years passed while life evolved and finally a few hundred thousand more passed in the final sprint to higher intelligence.

Sentient life on the planet of the first made it through the great trials of all intelligent life with only a few trillion deaths.

In this dark corner of the universe, the first God didn’t grow up with stars to look at. Any stars still alive were too far away to see. On his world. When the sun set, there was no light from the sky.

His dreams had little conception of traveling through space, what existed out there but an empty sea of black? Instead, he dreamed of traveling through time. He dreamed of escaping time, punching a hole in time and stepping outside it. He wasn’t the first to try (on his planet, or his universe), but he was the first to succeed.

The First God

Posted Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Night God Spoke – A Super Short Story


It happened on a quiet night. Or rather, it happened during a quiet moment when it happened to be night in the western hemisphere. Else where it was a quiet morning, or a quiet afternoon. Like most things in life it seemed to happen very slowly then all at once. 

The Night God Spoke – A Super Short Story

Posted Sunday, December 27, 2015