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Ways to Spot a Spammer

With blogs being all the rage that they are they attract a lot of attention from Spammers. Many new bloggers don’t really know how to spot a spammer so here are some of the things that I use.

What to lookout for

Watch out when a someone says says “I saw your site on google,” “I saw your site on technorati,” or “I found your site through a friend”. All of these statement are obviously false because I’m practically invisible on google and technorati and everyone knows that I don’t have friends, let alone friends that read my blog.

Other things spammers say with my response

  • “WoW Gold for cheap” – Wow, I can find gold for cheap?!
  • “Viagatrex [followed by anything]” – Why wouldn’t I want someone to come tell me about new exciting drugs on my blog!
  • “Exciting business opportunity…” – There’s only one Exciting business opportunity I’m interested in.
  • “QSDVJssZDESXz!!1” – No thanks, I’m trying to quit.
Posted Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quicksilver icon stays on Dock Problem and Fix

A lot of people that have upgraded to leopard have had problems with quicksilver which stays on the dock/launch bar despite having unchecked the “show quicksilver in dock” checkbox.

It’s easy to fix, just update quicksilver to the latest version, if blacktree’s website is still down you can get it off of softpedia: here

Volia, no more broken quicksilver in Leopard!

For a list of other applications that have issues with Leopard and possible fixes look at softpedia’s list of broken apps

Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We can all be bigots…sometimes

The author MEH who has recently been featured has responded to my last post via e-mail. I was touched by her story and will now share the e-mail, un-edited except for the name, with all of you now. So touching…

Hello Dan,

One of my associates has reviewed my blog post and It has come to my attention that you may not have been serious about your recent offer of shares in an undisclosed “forture”… I feel I must explain and defend my rather scathing comments about your “offer”.

I, like many others, have suffered from a debilitating neurological disease from birth and as a result I have no sense of humour. I enjoy posting on forums and commenting on blogs but, more often than not, end up making myself look a little silly by taking everything at face value due to my humour deficiency.

All too often able-homoured people, like yourself, poke fun at our comments and single us out for ridicule. It is simply not possible for us to take these retorts with a pinch of salt as we cannot, to use a phrase which I find personally offensive, “See the funny side of it”. If the British government wake up and officially recognise our disability I will be handing this matter over to my solicitors and have you in court for discrimination!

Sgt. Censored (Mrs)

I feel for your plight, I really do. I would even petition the British government to wake up and “recognise” your disability except that you would then take me to court for discrimination.

On the other hand, I don’t live in England so it shouldn’t be a problem, aw what the heck; I WILL petition the british government to recognize your horrible ailment!

May you too, be able to enjoy the laugh track of your own life MEH. I wish you better humour in the future.

Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Internet Doppleganger?

You can not tell me that this doesn’t look like Justin. Maybe the eye color is off but it’s pretty much his spitting image.

Speaking of dopplegangers, I sort of hate all the sites they have these days to make “avatars.” “Using advanced asp, java, flash or whatever you can make your own avatar!” I’ve actually had the technology to make my own avatar for years, its called mspaint. You’re not limited to a set of different character traits, instead you can make whatever you want! I’m not the only one either just search flickr. There are some real gems.

If only we would all have awesome icons such as this one pictured below.

Awesome MSPaint Avatar

What a wonderful world it would be.

Posted Thursday, September 6, 2007

Car dealerships in utah are out of control

This evening’s festivities involved a short drive from Sherwin Williams to my house. The exact route is shown here on google maps.

small map in provo

Gary and I were talking about the car market in Provo and Gary and I conducted an experiment on the way home from Sherwin Williams we counted every car dealership we found.

We counted 12 in a mile and a half route (less as the crow flies).

There are 12 car dealerships in one direction of my house. I know for a fact there are more the other way and the funny thing is that this isn’t even the part of town you think of as where all the car dealerships are. If someone tells me they’re at a car dealership I assume they are up on University Pkwy on the other side of town.

Reader question, why does utah have so many car dealerships?

Posted Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Power Misused or How spiderman relates to the internet

We’re all familiar with the famous words of Ben Parker.

With great power comes great responsibility!

When remembering these words I can’t help but think of Google, the “do no evil company.”

Ben Parker enjoys his “damn paper for once”

They do have a great responsibility but imagine all the fun they could have if they stopped taking their responsibility seriously. It would be even better than Emo Parker trying to act cool in a jazz club (seriously, wtf was that all about?)Google could do all kinds of things to make the internet more interesting. You ask how they will accomplish that? It’s simple, Google rewards different behavior and all of the sudden everyone wants to do whatever it is that google rewards!

I apologize again for doing everything in list format lately but here goes

Introducing: How Google can make the Internet more interesting

  • Reward the use of animated gifs.
  • Imagine, instantly all the SEOs would rush to put animated gifs all over their sites. It would throw the internet back to it’s hayday, circa 1995, when that kind of thing was totally acceptable, nay, totally tubular.

  • Reward the use of embedded midis
  • Now days kids all have to have their lastFM and their pandora or yahoo music, or even their “itunes” so they can enjoy music while they surf the web. If embedded audio became hip again then we wouldn’t need silly music players anymore because each and every website would have it’s own unique soundtrack! Recently gthing did a post about how to find good music but if Google would just reward embedded audio we would all find more of it every day just by surfing the web!
    An added bonus could be if their were multiple pieces of audio that would load simultaneously. Then you could discover all kinds of music at the same time

  • Reward contrast
  • If Google’s algorithm looked at how contrasted the colors on a page were we would get all kinds of web design gems! Most pages would be black and white strict with no gray but other pages would venture out into other contrasts, strict red and green combined with flashing text and embedded audio! Wouldn’t that be awesome!?

    Come to think of it Google doesn’t have to do anything to inundate the internet with insanity. Myspace already did it. (Warning:The previous link may cause bleeding from unexpected orifices

    Posted Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Attention, we are officially in the dog days

    That’s right folks. Check your feed reader have you noticed anything strange? No body is updating their blogs! I’m not the only one with nothing to report but all across the blogosphere the latest entries are getting older and older.

    The only people on my feed that have updated anything latley are the loggers (ie the people that just tell you what they did the previous day) as for regular style blog entries, with their sass and frass, have decreased almost 74%! (see Pacman graph for details.)

    I have a few theories as to why this is happening.

  • People are too busy seeing the Transformers movie to blog
  • Would be bloggers are enjoying the “swimming hole” and “good ‘ol fashion fun” rather than writing their salty entries.
  • Generally being outside rather than nestled into the security of an internet connection
  • Worst case senario: everyone got girlfriends and don’t care about the internet anymore.
  • Posted Sunday, July 29, 2007

    A Saga of Phone Calls

    When I chose my cellphone number over a year ago I was going for something that was close to my brothers phone number. Little did I know that the former phone proprietor had a similar namesake to my own. It wasn’t long will I was taking calls for his booty calls, young women that I spent 20 minutes on the phone with trying to figure out how in the world I knew them. Finally, it dawned on me that I didn’t know who these people were.

    The booty calls stopped (when I stopped providing the booty) and I lived in peace for a while.

    Then another kind of call started coming, blockbuster, once a week would call me and tell me they were going to start charging me for my overdue movies. Turns out Tom never changed his phone number on his blockbuster account. Then today I got a completly different kind of call.

    Check it via my chat logs(or logz if you’re “GaNgStA”

    Ronin 10:28: DUDE!
    ok, you know how I’ve been getting phone calls for this Tom dude for the last year and a half?
    they’ve mostly died down

    Jon – 10:29: yeah
    Ronin- 10:29: but this is the call I just got:
    -: Hi Tom?
    Me:- Nope, this is Dan
    -: oh..I was trying to call this number ###-####
    Me: Yeah, thats my number but that’s not me. Who were you looking for?
    -: Tom ***** from Vizad
    Me: Wait…from Vizad?
    The guy that had my phone before was at VIZAD!?

    After tracking Tom for a while, I finally know where he is. Now the game is on!

    Posted Friday, July 20, 2007

    Keith Olbermann should stick to writing movies

    I was cruising around youtube today and I found out that Keith Olbermann was actually a writer for the movie Brick. I had no idea until I heard him speak. Listen to this wonderful line he slings (or watch the video below):

    The guilty pleasure offered by the existence Bill O’Reilly is simple and understandable. 99 times out of a 100 when we belly up to billow bar bluster, nearly every time we partake of the movable falafel feast he serves us nothing but comedy, farce, slapstick, unconscious self-mutilation. The sideshow Bob of commentators, forever stepping on the same rake, forever muttering the same grunt of inarticulate surrender, forever resuming the circle back to same rake; the Sisyphus of morons if you will, but this is the 100th time out of 100 it is not funny at all. Bill O’Reilly has, for the 2nd time in just under 8 months slandered at least 84 dead American servicemen, he has turned them again, from victims of the kind of atrocity that our country has always fought against, into perpetrators of that same kind of atrocity. He has turned them into war criminals.

    Not only is Keith Olbermann a spider spinning speech spells and he pontificates like Potiphar’s wife on poppy seeds; forever rambling a weak web of tawdry, but talented, tellings, forever clasped in the quickly collapsing cacophony of calumny; an exploitive expletive of alliteration, if you will, but he gavels great gusto and gravitas as if an embodiment of Colbert he thinks is.

    BTW, in case anyone is wondering about the massacre that Keith and Bill O’Reilly are talking about it its the Chenogne Massacre that happened in response to the to the Malamédy Massacre.

    The great thing about this report by Keith it is a perfect examples of hypocrisy. Bill O’Reilly calling the Chenogne massacre the Malmedy massacre is an honest mistake considering one happened immediately after, and in response to the other.

    Keith on the other hand is a sharp guy and must have known what Bill was talking about but chose not to report it.

    On the other hand, I really enjoyed Brick

    Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    To do vs Done

    1. Drove back to Colorado in spite of the car overheating.
    2. Bought house.
    3. Bought drapes for house.
    4. Changes servers to awesome VPS

    To Do::
    1. Relax
    2. Come up with legitimate blog entry
    3. Fly to Spain on Tuesday.

    Movie Night update:

    Since Gary and I will be out of town we won’t be hosting movie night. Of course we do encourage you to do your own movie night as long as you do not violate our exclusive movie night rights for the western half of the united states.

    That is all.

    Posted Sunday, April 29, 2007