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Europe Day 6 – Vacation in Reims

Sunday felt very much like a vacation to me. Of course, I’m on vacation but all the traveling and bumping around every 5 minutes gets tiring. We went to the local ward and got to see a lot of old friends. After church we milled about, took naps and hung out with Claire (the friend we made on the train to Reims).

Claire showed us the middle school where her mother lives. In France many teaching and management positions come with apartments. It was very beautiful and the picture above shows the schools courtyard.

The school itself dates back to the 7th century and has, of course, changed a lot since then.

In the evening Natcha showed up with her sister Noemie and we practiced the french art of “Bavarde” which means, “talk way too much.”

Tomorrow we’re going to Caen.

Posted Thursday, May 10, 2007