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Europe Day 8-2, Castle in Caen

Le Mont St-Michel hadn’t totally tired us out so after meeting up with Beau and Ester we walked down into Centreville to see the castle.

Ramparts in Caen
The Gang
Beau and I enjoying France

Franco-Norman Pride

The castle was fun and we took a few pictures of churches in the area.

L'Eglise St Pierre
L'Eglise St Jean, leaning

The last picture of L’Eglise St Jean. If you look closely you can see that the whole thing is leaning. Here is a better picture in case you can’t tell.

St Jean Leaning

Why is L’Eglise St Jean sideways?:
When I lived in Caen someone told me that the church was commissioned by the king who wanted a divorce. In exchange for the pope’s permission to divorce the king had to build another church. The king had a lot of contempt for all of that so he had the church built on top of a riverbed. As a result the whole thing sunk to one side and is leaning the direction it is today.

Up until yesterday I’d never heard another story for L’Eglise St Jean. I told it to Beau and he told me I was full of it and that it was leaning over because of WW2 and all the bombs that fell around it. I tried to find a picture of the rubble but I couldn’t. I have a postcard at home in case anyone is curious later. It’s basically rubble and the church.

Back to Travels:
Tonight we’re going to take the train back through Paris to Chartres where we’ll visit for a few days to see some of the capital sites.

Posted Saturday, May 12, 2007