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Europe Day 8 – Le Mont St Michel

Norman weather can be pretty finicky. It reminds me a bit of Colorado except it’s 10x more likely to rain. It was raining when we left Caen to make the hour and a half drive to the Mont St-Michel. Because it was raining Marion decided to come with us.

Noemie, Marrion, NatachaRoadtrip

One of the things I’ve always loved about Normandy was their livestock. I know that’s probably a strange thing to say but they have sheep and cows all over the place. Even right up next to the Mont St Michel. We actually had to stop and let some sheep cross.

Les moutons au mont st-michel

Natacha was nice enough to play photographer and she took some incredible pictures. The Mont St Michel is such an amazing place. I’d love to come back with a real camera and take some photogs but that’ll have to wait for my next trip.

Acces Mont Saint-Michel
Little wishing well St Michel qui vaincre satan Le Retour au mont st michel

Travel Tip: Be younger than 25 years old. If you are you usually get a youth rate on things like tickets to the mt St Michel which is half price. Our price was something like 3.50 while the adults have to pay 7.00. So be young or be rich.

We decided to get a tour guide so we could have a more informative visit. The girls opted to get an english guide so Gary wouldn’t have to get a headset. I was actually really impressed. I don’t normally go for things like tour guides but in this case it turned out really well. Our guide was really funny. Here he is telling us about the giant hamsterprisoner driven elevator wheel.

Tour guide and the wheel

After our visit he headed back to Caen to meet up with Beau and Ester.

Posted Friday, May 11, 2007