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The First God

In the following story any resemblance to persons living, dead, or otherwise is purely coincidental.

The First God

God will be born soon. Of course, he isn’t the first.

The First will be born much later and very far away from this local earth. When he is born the universe will be nearly dead.

On his world, the sky will have no stars and no moon. His galaxy will have grown cold as stars die out. When his star is formed, or was formed depending on your frame of reference, it is one of the last in his galaxy. His planet will form in a favorable position around its star and will have the right atmosphere and elements to support life. After a few million years life will evolve and finally after a few hundred thousand more will pass in the final sprint to higher intelligence.

Sentient life on the planet of The First will pass through the great trials of all intelligent life with only a few trillion deaths.

In this dark corner of the universe, the first God won’t grow up with stars to look at. Any stars still alive will be too far away to see. On his world. When the sun sets, there is no light from the sky.

He will not dream of traveling through space, what exists out there but an empty sea of black? Instead, he will dream of traveling through time. He will dream of escaping time, punching a hole in time and stepping outside it. He won’t be the first to try (on his planet, or his universe), but he will be the first to succeed.

The First God

Posted Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Night God Spoke – A Super Short Story


It happened on a quiet night. Or rather, it happened during a quiet moment when it happened to be night in the western hemisphere. Else where it was a quiet morning, or a quiet afternoon. Like most things in life it seemed to happen very slowly then all at once. 

The Night God Spoke – A Super Short Story

Posted Sunday, December 27, 2015

Why a Bitcoin crash could be great for Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Crash of 2015

Ok, so it is a bummer to have a currency crash. But in the long run this kind of thing might actually be great for Bitcoin as a whole.

Why a Bitcoin crash could be great for Bitcoin

Posted Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Where are all the magical gaming inputs?


In 2011 new and exciting gaming inputs promised a total shift in how we interacted with games. Not only games, but technology. This was the new unexplored frontier that was going to revolutionize everything and then… nothing happened.

The post-kinect world didn’t really look any different. Motion controllers, or gaming wands amounted to nothing more than a fad. It was like we dusted off the power glove and NES light gun and called them new.

Inputs aren’t revolutionizing gaming or interfaces. Are new consumption interfaces going to be the same thing? Is the Occulus doomed to niche lab experiments?

Posted Friday, May 16, 2014

San Francisco Airport’s TSA worst in the country blogger says


I feel like I’ve gone through security at a lot of airports. Years ago I was flying home after living abroad and went through JFK (I think?) and it looked like a 3rd world country to me. There were guys with machine guns all over the place.

But all of that pales in comparison to how awful the TSA is at JFK. I always opt-out of the body scanner and security is almost always extremely polite about the whole thing.

SFO is downright hostile.

San Francisco Airport’s TSA worst in the country blogger says

Posted Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Archive, a flash fiction short story

“I hope it is treasure” said Darith. He was a squat man, good with an axe and good at tracking.

Sun smiled.

The Archive was close. After 10 years of searching, countless injuries and many deaths they were finally getting close. In the morning light there was almost a path through the woods; newer trees punching through black rock, darker ground, and more stones leaving a vague outline. This used to be a road.

The Archive, a flash fiction short story

Posted Monday, April 28, 2014

Speaking to customers in the language they understand

In the rise of PC vs Mac we saw a totally different way of communicating with customers.

PCs focused on awesome specs and pricing while Apple focused on lifestyle and design. Apple still talks about specs sometimes but only always in terms of “5x faster”. The result of this war was that PCs got cheaper, and cheaper and crappier while Apple could command much larger price tags.

PCs fought a war of commoditization, while Apple fought a war of propaganda.

Posted Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bad Musical Influences

I hate that we’re always bombarded by music from evil people. I was reading about this popular “artist” who has philandered, stolen money, made lots of anti-semetic and racist remarks, and swindled rich women out of their money only to toss them aside for the younger wives of his friends.

For some reason we play this music in our schools! Teach it to middle-schoolers and promote it. All of this from a man who was completely morally corrupt. Is this just a common core thing?

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner

Posted Saturday, April 26, 2014

ParentBnb: an idea for a new social network

Staying with friends is a great way to save money when traveling and catch up with people that have moved away. But there’s always that awkward part about wanting to say thank you and do it in an tasteful way.

Aside: I once had a house guest leave me a pile of change with a thank you note. This is not a classy way to say thank you.

ParentBnb: an idea for a new social network

Posted Friday, April 25, 2014

Good SEO is just answering the questions people are already asking

Everybody should know this by now. It’s tempting to just want to do your sales pitch and expect people to show up to listen. But this isn’t a sales pitch, most search targets people who are in the research phase so just answer their questions!

Not sure what to answer? Easy, just listen to sales calls everyday and every question they ask, answer it. Answer it better than anyone.

Posted Tuesday, April 22, 2014