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Europe Day 15 – Jackets

Lauren’s parents are amazing hosts. They’ve really made us feel at home. This comes at a good time because as Gary and I were looking at the next leg or our journey, Prauge we noticed that our rail pass doesn’t take us there. Plus we didn’t have anywhere to stay. We decided to stay an extra day.

We went shopping with Lauren and Patrick. I’d been trying to find a cool jacket my whole trip and I told myself that if I didn’t find exactly what I wanted I would settle in Germany because it was likely to get cold soon. Not to mention that I lost my hoodie in Madrid. So, we went shopping.

Patrick Shopping Gary shopping

A quick survey of H&M and C&A revealed a strange problem. There were too many jackets I wanted but they were all really cheap….so I just bought four jackets really cheap instead of one expensive one..

After stopping at the Commissary we went to the Castle, explored and took pictures.

The note quite castle Garden features here's looking at you The viewHidelberg Castle Modeling Balacing act Gary and Lewis

More friends acquired we went back to Lauren’s and her Mom made us another delicious meal before hitting the sack.

Where to next:
Originally I thought about putting a poll up on the blog to see where we should go. And then I realized how stupid that would be. I don’t want you people deciding where I go.

We’re thinking we’ll head south to Switzerland and Italy. Some of the kids we’ve met here have talked about going with us.

Posted Monday, May 21, 2007