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Europe Day 11 РVersailles, Le V̩sinet and Paris

We got a late start in the morning and were able to get a picture with everyone except Herman. We had a lot of fun staying with them and they were incredible hosts.

We hopped upto Versailles and walked around the gardens and market. After that we headed over to Le Vésinet and then back into Paris. We just walked around a lot before meeting up with Claire in the evening.

The Evans Gary in Versailles Posiden or something Le Vésinet Arc de Triump L'Obelisk

Our travels made us pretty tired by time we reached La Place de la Concorde. We stepped into The Madeleine and enjoyed some organ music while we waited for Claire to get off work. I had never been to the Madeleine before but I wish I had. It’s got a very different feel from other churches because it was constructed in the Napoleonic era.


We finally met up with Claire. We stopped by a designer pastry shop to buy a cake. Claire was having a going away party for one of her friends later. She invited us though we were forced to decline. We went to the crepes shop that I really liked and had horrible service with mediocre performance. How sad.

We said goodbye and went to Compiegne arriving late and leaving early in the morning for Belgium and Holland.

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Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2007